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  • STP Since the mid 1950�s, FE Petro�s Parent company, Franklin Electric, has been involved in the design and manufacture of submersible motors for use in pumping motor fuels. Building on this extensive history, FE Petro has combined innovative product designs for submersible pumps.

  • ISP The FE Petro Intelligent Submersible Turbine (IST) utilises a Variable Frequency Controller to monitor the pumping demand on the station forecourt. By varying the RPM of the motor, the pumping rate is controlled to to maintain a constant flow rate at the dispenser nozzle.

  • HCP Available with either 3 or 5 horsepower, 50 or 60 hertz power, the FE Petro High Capacity Pump delivers efficient, reliable and quiet performance when high volumes or high speed deliveries of gasoline or diesel fuel are required.

  • MLD This FE Petro product line has unique construction features designed to provide maximum flow rates in busy stations and long service life. Both are MLD critical issues for profitable station operation.

  • MLD-HC Same design concept as STP-MLD. Low line restrictions - your high capacity sites benefits from maximum flow rates your pumps will allow during peak periods. Higher flow rates - more volume.