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International Expansion 1950s - 1960s

Operations in South Africa, Germany, Italy and Nigeria were added to the plants already established in Canada, England and Brazil.

The first Wayne electric pumps were sold in South Africa in 1934, by Gulliver&Co (Pty) Ltd., a distributor of motor cars and Harley Davidson motor cycles. As the result of A.V. Gulliver's efforts, the oil companies were persuaded to change from hand-operated pumps to the new power-driven machines. Gulliver built a strong market share as the Wayne distributor in South Africa which continued through the war years to the early fifties. In 1953, due to severe import control, Wayne's business in the Cape suffered, and several companies, including Vitreous Enamelling Corporation, planned to rebuild old pumps and develop a South African pump industry. The South African goverment and the local oil companies encouraged this to the point where Gulliver decided to investigate the feasibility of local assembly of the Wayne product.

On the first leg of his journey to the U.S.A to discuss this with the people at Wayne, Gulliver travelled on the world's first jet airliner, the newly introduced DeHavilland Comet. He was a victim in one of aviation's worst disasters when the COmet crashed into the Mediterranean Sea.

This prompted Wayne to consider setting up its own operation on South Africa, and in 1954 R. G. Redgwell from the U.K Company and R. P. Shulte from the U.S.A Company in Salisbury traveled there to complete the evaluation. Their recommendations were accepted and in 1955 Schulte, with a check for $19.6 thousand, was sent to Cape Town to start Wayne Pump Company South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Schulte was the first Managing Director of the company which originally was a wholly owned subsidiary of Wayne Pump Company, Salisbury, Maryland. Ownership was transferred to Symington Wayne International, Ltd. in 1960 when sales had reached over $1.6 million.

A branch was opened in Johannesburg in 1955 and another branch in Salisbury, Rhodesia, at the beginning of 1957. Vitreous Enamelling (Pty) Ltd. was acquired as a subsidary of Wayne South Africa in 1957. The history of the South African affiliate has been one of steady sales and earnings growth with more and more local assembly and manufacture being adopted. The Company has also built up a strong sales and service organisation which handles a number of other leading imports apart from gasoline dispensing equipment.