SAMD Wayne Pumps & Dispenser Distributor.

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Available in the following configurations:
1-Product 2 Hose; 2-Product 4-Hose; 3-Product 6-Hose; 4-Product 8-Hose

Design and Safety:
Modern vertical design, with robust but light structure, made of highly durable galvanized sheet steel. Product certified for use in explosive atmospheres (IEC, ABNT). Electronic computer protected against electrical interference.

Latest Generation iGem Computer:
Easy and safe password-protected operation with remote control that provides access to price setting, totalisers and programming functions. iGem, in addition to communicating with Forecourt and POS systems, provides the global architecture used in all the new generation pumps and dispensers. Volume (litres) and cash displays provide a clear and accurate reading.

Easy-to-read And Operate Cash/Volume Presets:
The keyboard and displays allow a snapshot view of information.

Monoblock Hydraulics:
The pumping unit, meter, pulser and solenoid valve are assembled in a single monoblock set, providing a compact hydraulic package. Pipe connections are greatly reduced to give minimal potential leak points. The global design proportional solenoid valve, ensures the accuracy of the delivery preset.

Double-bump Pipe Connectors:
The exclusive design of the hydraulic connections eliminates leaks and facilitates ease of maintenance. This patented feature ensures fewer break-downs, less component replacement and minimal down-time.

iMeter � Electronic Calibration
Shielded, totally protected against fraud, moisture and dust. This patented feature ensure quick and easy calibration and ensures maximum accuracy with its electronic calibration and pulser auto-adjustment.

Easy Belt Adjustment
The weight of the electric motor provides the tension required to drive the pumping unit.